And so it begins…..

Hello my name is Nicole Neal, and welcome to my very first blog post here on The Off Grid Kitchen!

As an introductory post I’ll make this a relatively brief one but just to let you know a few things about the intention and purpose of the blog, the inspiration for starting this blog, a bit about who I am and some of the things I’ve planned to feature here in the coming weeks and months.


Who am I and what’s this all about?

Crazy existential questions aside, I’m a woman with a strong desire to eat bloody delicious food (I think about food A LOT!). And as part of this I enjoy the creative process of creating nourishing meals that don’t require a Cordon Bleu diploma, understanding the source of my food, getting to know farmers and producers, growing my own food and aiming to do so whilst being as sustainable as possible.

As the name of the blog suggests I live off the grid, which means no connection to mains utilities (shock horror!), near Castlemaine in Central Victoria. If you think that it sounds like I live in some hippy commune-type place, well, I guess that part of the purpose of this blog is to dispel the myth that off grid means living an “alternative” lifestyle. OK, maybe I do have a little bit of the hippy in me – hah hah! I have a background in sustainability and environmental management so I guess this love of food growing, making and eating has come to a nice confluence with my sustainability background!



Back to the question – who am I? I am an everyday, busy desk-jockey, kinda person, but one with a passion for growing, cooking, making, sharing and eating delicious and nutritious food. I’m not into haute cuisine, nor the fancy-schmancy, finicky food, Masterchefy kinda thing. Nup. I just enjoy good food, and the simple things done really, really well.  I’m also the kind of person that wants to share in my excitement and interest in growing and making and eating with others, and help others understand that a good deal of these things really are not difficult.

And so following several bajillion postings on Instagram of my lovely homegrown veggies, loaves of bread, BBQ rotisserie pork legs (yes, this is most definitely an omnivorous blog) and other culinary creations I was implored by various folks to share recipes and videos and so on so they could learn more. And so here we are – The Off Grid Kitchen is born!




So you didn’t answer the question yet on what this is all about!

I’m getting to that bit!

The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts, knowledge, learnings and experience in growing your own food, about preparing delicious meals with minimal effort, and living life off grid in country Victoria.

I’m keen to promote growing and making your own food – and it really doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming at all.  I promise you! I love talking about food, its creation (and of course eating it!) and I love to help others, particularly those who are just starting on the journey of getting to grips with the whole cooking thing.


So, this introductory post is really just to say “hello”, but over the coming weeks I’m lining up posts on topics such as:

  • Making your own sourdough starter
  • Getting seedlings started
  • Cooking up some delicious baby back pork ribs
  • Getting veggie beds prepared and ready for spring planting
  • A simple recipe for focaccia
  • Tips on the easiest veggies to start growing
  • A super-quick, super easy granola recipe for breakie
  • Wood fired cooking
  • Simple, quick, yet delicious and nutritious weeknight recipes
  • And lots of other topics besides!

I’ll also intend to showcase some of the absolutely fabulous produce, and the wonderful farmers and producers that are responsible for said produce, in my neck of the woods

So please check in and follow the blog in coming weeks. And if you have any suggestions re posts you’d like to see feel free to drop me line.


Instagram – get on it

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