About Nicole

About Nicole

My name is Nicole Neal, and I live off grid in the wee settlement of Yapeen, near Castlemaine in Central Victoria, with my husband, small mutt and buncIMG_1739h of chickens.

I’m not a chef, I’m not a baker, I’m not a professional horticulturalist, I’m not a nutritionist (it feels kind of funny to start an introductory paragraph with all the things I’m not!). What I am is an everyday, busy desk-jockey, but one with a passion for growing, cooking, making, sharing and eating delicious and nutritious food. I have a background in sustainability and environmental management so I guess this love of food growing, making and eating has come to a nice confluence with my sustainability background!

I’m not into haute cuisine, nor the fancy-schmancy, finicky food, Masterchefy kinda thing. Nup. I just enjoy good food, and the simple things done really, really well.

And I’m equally passionate about sharing my thoughts, experiences and learnings on my journey (and yes I most definitely am still on a journey and by no means a world expert!). I’m keen to help others and share with other who perhaps think growing and making good food may be too difficult or too time consuming or too something else.

What I guess I really want to say is that yes we might have hectic lifestyles, but with a bit of muddling along, willingness to get things a bit wrong but a willingness to learn, then there are most definitely things you can be doing in terms of growing, making and eating your own deeeeelicious food! And I want to share in my own journey with you.

And be sure to follow me on Instagram – I post lots and lots of photos, videos and stories on growing and making food, and life off grid here in country Victoria