About This Blog

Welcome to The Off Grid Kitchen! And, of course, thank you so very much for reading.

Purpose of the Blog

The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts, knowledge, learnings and experience in growing my own food, including veggies of various descriptions, eggs and, one day in the not too distant future, honey. It’s also about sharing my thoughts, knowledge, learnings and experience in making a variety of delicious foods and meals with the food I grow and source from local producers.

I’m keen to promote growing and making your own food – and it really doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming at all.  I promise you! I love talking about food, its creation (and of course eating it!) and I love to help others, particularly those who are just starting on the journey of getting to grips with the whole cooking malarkey, or in growing your own food.



What’s with the name?

The Off Grid Kitchen is pretty much as the name suggests – I live, grow, cook, make (and eat!!) here in the wee settlement of Yapeen, near Castlemaine
in Central Victoria, with my husband, small mutt and bunch of chickens, all 100% off grid! That means solar power with battery bank, tank water, wood-fired heating, and composting toilet (may sound gross, but saves a heck of a lot of water!).



So that’s the blog really – I’ll be posting regularly on things I’m making, eating, doing and producing, in as sustainable and regenerative fashion as practical, all with the intention of sharing and spreading knowledge.

All photographic images on the blog are my own unless otherwise stated.