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8 Steps To Make Dehydrated Risotto with Vegetables

Dehydrated Risotto with Vegetables

Dehydrated Risotto with Vegetables is a versatile and convenient meal option, particularly well-suited for outdoor adventures like camping and as an emergency food supply.

This dish offers a balanced combination of carbohydrates, vegetables, and flavors in a lightweight, compact form. By dehydrating the ingredients, it becomes shelf-stable, allowing for long-term storage without refrigeration, making it an excellent addition to your emergency preparedness kit.

This guide will walk you through the simple process of preparing dehydrated risotto with vegetables, making it a go-to choice for those looking for a quick and satisfying meal in the great outdoors or during unexpected situations.

With minimal equipment and easy-to-follow steps, you can enjoy a hot and nutritious meal wherever your journey takes you. Discover the world of dehydrated cuisine and elevate your dining experience while on the move.

Ingredients For Dehydrated Risotto with Vegetables

For dehydrated risotto with vegetables, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  1. Arborio rice: Arborio rice is a starchy, short-grain rice variety that is ideal for making risotto due to its ability to absorb liquids and create a creamy texture.
  2. Dehydrated vegetables: You can choose a variety of dehydrated vegetables such as peas, carrots, mushrooms, and any other vegetables of your preference. Dehydrated vegetables are lightweight and have a long shelf life, making them perfect for outdoor cooking or emergencies.
  3. Dehydrated seasonings: Dehydrated seasonings like garlic, onion, and various herbs can add flavor to your risotto. You can adjust the seasonings to your personal preference.
  4. Dehydrated Parmesan cheese (optional): For added flavor, consider bringing along dehydrated Parmesan cheese. It’s an optional ingredient but can enhance the taste of your risotto.
  5. Salt and pepper: These are essential for seasoning the dish to your liking.
  6. Olive oil: A small amount of olive oil can be used to sauté the rice and vegetables, adding flavor and preventing sticking.
  7. Boiling water: You’ll need boiling water to rehydrate the ingredients and cook the risotto.

Make sure to adjust the quantities of these ingredients based on the number of servings you wish to prepare and your personal preferences.

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To prepare dehydrated risotto with vegetables, you’ll need the following equipment:

  1. Camping stove or heat source (for outdoor preparation): This is essential for cooking the risotto in an outdoor setting. Ensure you have a functioning camping stove or portable heat source.
  2. Boiling water: You’ll need a source of hot water, such as a portable camp stove or a fire, to boil water for rehydrating the ingredients and cooking the risotto.
  3. Cooking pot or pan with a lid: A pot or pan will be used to cook the risotto. Make sure it’s large enough to hold the ingredients and has a lid to help control the cooking process.
  4. Utensils: You’ll need basic cooking utensils such as a spatula for stirring the risotto and a stirring spoon to mix the ingredients. Ensure they are suitable for outdoor use.
  5. Bowl and fork for serving: To enjoy your dehydrated risotto, bring along a bowl and a fork for serving. These should be lightweight and easy to clean for outdoor use.

Before heading out on your camping trip or including dehydrated risotto in your emergency kit, double-check that your equipment is in good condition and functioning correctly. Additionally, consider packing lightweight and compact options to make outdoor cooking more manageable.

Dehydrated Risotto with Vegetables

Dehydrated Risotto with Vegetables


Prepare dehydrated risotto with vegetables for your camping trip. Dehydrate mixed vegetables, mushrooms, and onions ahead of time. Rehydrate the dried veggies in hot water, then drain. In a pot, heat olive oil and add Arborio rice, stirring until slightly translucent.

Mix in the rehydrated vegetables and optional powdered broth. Slowly add hot water (2-3 cups) while stirring, letting the liquid absorb. Season with salt and pepper, and add Parmesan cheese if desired.

Once the risotto is creamy, cool it. Dehydrate it until dry and crumbly for storage. Rehydrate the mix with hot water while camping for a delicious and convenient meal.

Rehydrating Ingredients

Before cooking, rehydrate your dehydrated ingredients. Place the dried mixed vegetables, mushrooms, and onions in a container and cover them with hot water. Let them sit for 10-15 minutes until they’ve plumped up and softened. Once rehydrated, drain any excess water and set the vegetables aside.

This step is crucial to bring back their flavors and textures, ensuring your dehydrated risotto with vegetables is delicious and satisfying while camping or backpacking.

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Cooking Risotto

In a pot or pan, heat olive oil over low-medium heat. Add Arborio rice and stir for a few minutes until it turns slightly translucent. Incorporate the rehydrated vegetables, mushrooms, and onions, stirring for a couple more minutes. For added flavor, you can include powdered chicken or vegetable broth (about 1/4 cup).

Begin adding hot water slowly, around 1/2 cup at a time, stirring constantly. Allow the rice to absorb the liquid before adding more; this takes about 20-30 minutes and requires 2-3 cups of hot water.

Season with salt and pepper to taste. If desired, add grated Parmesan cheese for extra richness, stirring until melted. Serve when the risotto achieves a creamy consistency.

Adding Broth

To enhance the flavor of your dehydrated risotto with vegetables, consider adding powdered chicken or vegetable broth during the cooking process. After sautéing the rice and vegetables in olive oil, sprinkle about 1/4 cup of the powdered broth into the mix. To disperse the taste, give it a good stir.

The meal will have a deep, savory flavor from the broth. Then, as you gradually add hot water during the cooking, it will also help create a more robust broth-like base.

Adjust the amount to your preference, ensuring your dehydrated risotto is not only convenient but also packed with delicious, satisfying flavors for your camping or backpacking adventure.


Seasoning is key to enhancing the taste of your dehydrated risotto with vegetables. After adding hot water and stirring during the cooking process, season the dish with salt and pepper to taste. Be mindful of not over-salting if you’ve already used powdered broth, as it may contain salt.

Stir the seasoning in well to ensure it’s evenly distributed, and adjust according to your preferences. The right balance of salt and pepper will help bring out the flavors of the rice, vegetables, and any added ingredients, ensuring your camping or backpacking meal is both convenient and delicious.

Adjust the seasonings to suit your personal taste for a satisfying outdoor dining experience.

Optional Cheese

For an extra layer of flavor and creaminess, consider adding grated Parmesan cheese to your dehydrated risotto with vegetables. Once the rice is fully cooked and has a creamy consistency, you can stir in approximately 1/4 cup of grated Parmesan cheese or more, according to your preference.

This will infuse the dish with a delightful cheesy richness. Stir the cheese in until it’s fully melted and well combined with the risotto.

The cheese not only enhances the taste but also contributes to the overall texture, making your camping or backpacking meal more satisfying. It’s an optional but delicious addition for those who appreciate the savory, umami notes of Parmesan.


When your dehydrated risotto with vegetables has reached a creamy and satisfying consistency, it’s ready to serve. If you find it too dry, you can add a little more hot water and stir until it reaches your desired texture. Remember that the risotto should have a creamy, not soupy, consistency.

You can enjoy it right from your camping or backpacking pot or pan. Optionally, you can sprinkle some additional grated Parmesan cheese or a pinch of fresh herbs on top for extra flavor. This convenient and flavorful meal will provide you with the comfort and sustenance you need during your outdoor adventure.

Dehydration for Storage

After cooking and enjoying your dehydrated risotto with vegetables, it’s essential to properly dehydrate it for storage. Allow the cooked risotto to cool completely to room temperature. Then, spread it out on dehydrator trays or baking sheets in a thin, even layer.

Dehydrate the risotto until it becomes dry and crumbly. This process usually takes several hours. Once it’s completely dehydrated, transfer the risotto into resealable bags or airtight containers, making sure to remove as much air as possible to prevent moisture absorption.

Store the dehydrated risotto in a cool, dark place, and label the container with the date. Properly dehydrated and stored, it can last for several months or even longer, providing a convenient and tasty option for your outdoor adventures.


In conclusion, dehydrated risotto with vegetables offers a practical and delicious solution for outdoor enthusiasts and those preparing for emergencies. Its adaptability, long shelf life, and ease of preparation make it a valuable addition to your culinary repertoire.

Whether you’re camping, hiking, or facing unexpected situations, this meal provides nutrition and comfort. By rehydrating lightweight, shelf-stable ingredients, you can savor a warm and satisfying dish in any environment.

So, embrace the convenience and flavor of dehydrated risotto to ensure you’re well-fed and energized during your adventures or in times of need. Make it a go-to choice for nourishing meals on the go.


What is dehydrated risotto?

Dehydrated risotto is a lightweight and shelf-stable meal option made by dehydrating ingredients like Arborio rice, vegetables, and seasonings. It’s a convenient choice for outdoor activities and emergency preparedness.

How do I rehydrate dehydrated risotto?

To rehydrate, soak the dehydrated risotto in hot water. Allow it to sit for about 10-15 minutes, or until the ingredients absorb the water and become plump.

Can I customize the ingredients in dehydrated risotto?

Yes, you can customize your dehydrated risotto by choosing your preferred vegetables and seasonings. This allows you to create a risotto that suits your taste.

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